One day event with Mohanji - The journey to freedom


Who is Mohanji

Mohanji is a philanthropist and a humanitarian. He is the founder of AmmucareACT Foundation, Mohanji Foun­da­tion,  Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Dance, Lan­guage Martial Arts and World Con­scious­ness Alliance. He has dedicated his life towards serving the world. He is a lover of humanity believing humanity to be the best religion for humans. Humanity beyond all man-made barriers such as caste, colour, creed, nationality and culture. His love extends to all the beings on earth and he walks the path of ahimsa (non-violence) in thought, word and action.  He is driven by the conviction that we should all leave the earth a better place after having lived on it.

A non -conformist by nature, Mohanji avoids putting himself into frames and sees himself as a friend of the world – be it aiding the poor and helpless, empowering those in emotional or mental torment, guiding those seeking personal and spiritual development, caring for birds and animals or caring for the environment at large.

Mohanji’s nature radiates that of a loving mother, a best friend, a devoted family man, a lucid philosopher and a loving guide, offering his help and assistance unconditionally. Little wonder that each person connects with him differently, in their own unique manner.

Liberation is the cornerstone of Mohanji’s teachings where he points us at where to look but not what to see. He places great emphasis on liberation from the bindings, concepts and habits of life. He himself practically demonstrates this by leading a life free from the bindings and conditioning of the mind – totally natural, with total acceptance of life as it comes without resistance, irrespective of people, time, space, situations or concepts.

“True mastery is the mastery of one’s own mind.” says Mohanji, who maintains that spirituality is expressed in the awareness with which we live and experience our daily lives. He advocates the path of Pathlessness where the spontaneity and flow is all there is; being totally yourself!

He believes in romancing life, approaching every situation in life with wonder and curiosity of a new-born child without preconceptions or judgments.

Key Pillars of Mohanji’s philosophy

He emphasizes purity, faith, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings of all species, as the foundation and pillars of a balanced human existence. He considers the prayer of gratitude as the highest prayer that increases inner richness and attracts both grace and abundance.

His morning prayer is, “Thank you for letting me serve one more day in the world” which is followed by a question to himself, “What more can I do for the world today?” He encourages everyone to do likewise and constantly assess the worth of their existence on earth by the value they have added to the world, within their capacity and scope of influence.

Spirituality is a lifestyle

Being a family man and a former corporate professional, Mohanji believes that spirituality is a part of every aspect of one’s life, proving it with the example of his own life.

He plays all the roles in his life as best as he can – a dutiful son, a loving husband, a doting father, a supportive friend, an encouraging guide and a steadfast citizen. In every aspect, Mohanji performs his role to perfection.

Even though his public life started in 2012, it was an arduous journey to reach from there to his current level of global recognition. He was never afraid to walk alone despite the many hurdles, objections, betrayals and falls on that journey. Coming from relative anonymity, he raised himself to global recognition through his service, love and firm conviction in humanity.

He believes that his presence on earth is due to the grace and support of the powerful tradition of liberation and the various masters who lived in eternal freedom according to that tradition.

“Life is about achievements, but  is not about the cups and trophies in the wardrobe. It is about the blessings that you rendered to the helpless. It is about our ability to make a positive difference to another being. True achievements cannot be counted in fingers, but can only be measured through one’s spiritual progress, one’s level of liberation.  True achievements are the tangible moments that we lived selflessly. This is the only place where everyone wins. All material achievements are gain for some and loss for some”.

~ Mohanji

Global ‘footprint’

Mohanji has created a number of platforms to allow those who choose to associate with him to add value to society through consistent acts of kindness and compassion.  He leads by example and is constantly busy in helping and serving others, making himself available to champion causes that develop and improve society. He has founded various charities and organisations such as Ammucare, ACT Foundation, Mohanji Foundation, Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, World Consciousness Alliance and Early Birds Club to name a few.

Today, there are around 15 countries where some or all of these institutions are formally registered while followers are present in over 80 countries. They collectively work to further his mission of helping people reach their highest potential and thereby making this place a better world. As an expression of gratitude to the world, Mohanji has made his practices and techniques  available for free to the worldwide community.

In line with his path of ahimsa (non-violence), Mohanji firmly believes that practical initiatives are required to provide cruelty free alternatives to help people make conscious choices to avoid causing pain and suffering to nature and its beings. Towards that end, he has inspired Ahimsa Vegan (a vegan chain of restaurants), Vegan First (India’s first portal for vegans, that hosted the international Vegan Conference in New Delhi in 2019) and Ahimsa Wear (a label for vegan and cruelty free apparel) amongst other initiatives to create a cruelty free world. In recognition of his selfless service to the world, he has been widely feted and awarded by various organisations from around the world.

With great joy  we can announce that Mohanji is coming to Almere.

Foundation Mohanji Netherlands is organzing a One day Event on the 4th of june. You are most welcome to join.

The journey to Freedom

Saturday june 4th | 10:00 – 17:00 | Almere

These times call for special measures.

Now is the chance to raise our consciousness under the guidance of Mohanji!

Your conviction to the path matters says MOHANJI.

Why now?

The mind will test you.

Situations will test you.

Time will test you.

Everything in life will test you.

Seize this opportunity now that MOHANJI, a world teacher and humanitarian, is in Holland. (


• Sathsang with Mohanji and Q&A
• Meditation
• Live music with Mantra Vibes, Aura Rascón & JanLucas van Velzen
• Vegan lunch
• Two breaks with coffe/tea, fruit and sweets
• Bookpresentation of the first translated Dutch books
• Goodiebag (including a book of Mohanji)
• Fotoshoot with Mohanji and opportunity of book signing

(The event is English spoken)

Ticket adult: € 150,-
Ticket child: 12-18 jaar: € 50,-

Time: 10:00 – 17:00 uur
Walk in at 09:00 uur with coffee and tea

Address: Veluwezoom 45, 1327AK Almere, The Netherlands

There is a limited number of tickets available, so don’t wait too long to make a reservation. You don’t want to miss this! Order your tickets on or at this button

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