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Dear read­er of Hin­do­ra­ma,
Do you appre­ci­ate the con­tri­bu­tions about Suri­namese-Hin­dotan cul­ture on the Hin­do­ra­ma site and do you think that these con­tri­bu­tions meet a need? Then sup­port our action ‘Friend and sup­port­er of Hin­do­ra­ma’.

What does this action mean?
All con­tri­bu­tions on the Hin­do­ra­ma site are writ­ten by a group of vol­un­teer employ­ees. These con­tri­bu­tions can be read for free. The site also has a dig­i­tal library where inter­est­ed par­ties can find free back­ground infor­ma­tion about Suri­namese-Hin­dotan cul­ture. The group of vol­un­teer employ­ees writes arti­cles for this site with­out any inter­est, but the preser­va­tion of the site obvi­ous­ly costs. For this, we des­per­ate­ly need your sup­port.

Your sup­port
We appre­ci­ate it if you want to con­tribute a min­i­mum of ten euros (€ 10) annu­al­ly as a friend and sup­port­er of Hin­do­ra­ma. It is impor­tant that with your con­tri­bu­tion we can con­tin­ue the site and in doing so you help to inform and inspire the Suri­namese-Hin­dotan com­mu­ni­ty about its own cul­ture.

Friend and sup­port­er of Hin­do­ra­ma
Upon receipt of your con­tri­bu­tion, your name may be includ­ed on the Hin­do­ra­ma web­site under the head­ing ‘Friends of Hin­do­ra­ma’ with­out men­tion­ing the amount donat­ed. Of course it is pos­si­ble to donate but to choose to remain anony­mous. We also appre­ci­ate it if you would like to alert peo­ple in your area to the pos­si­bil­i­ty of becom­ing a friend and sup­port­er of Hin­do­ra­ma. If you are not (yet) famil­iar with Hin­do­ra­ma, please check out our web­site: and for more infor­ma­tion please email us to:
Method of pay­ment
Man­u­al trans­fer: You can deposit your con­tri­bu­tion into account IBAN NL53 INGB 0007 3722 30 in the name of Sam­pre­shan under the words ‘Friend of Hin­do­ra­ma 2020’. If you wish to remain anony­mous, you can state this as fol­lows: ‘Friend of Hin­do­ra­ma: anony­mous’. Please include your address at the descrip­tion. Sam­pre­shan is the admin­is­tra­tor of Hin­do­ra­ma web­site.
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Friends make the dif­fer­ence!

In advance my heart­felt thanks

Rad­jin Thako­erdin
Sam­pre­shan | Hin­do­ra­ma

Also on behalf of the vol­un­tary employ­ees,
Kan­ta Adhin | Ran­jan Akloe | Deep akloe | Akash Baboer­am | Rabin Baldews­ingh | Chan Choen­ni | Sabi­trie Gan­gaper­sad | Sav­it­rie Marhe | Radj Ram­cha­ran | Shi­w­datt Ramd­harie | Hans Ram­soedh